Enacted by the state government of Maharashtra, this Act seeks to safeguard the interests of the various employees employed in the various establishments and shops such as industries, manufacturing units, restaurants, theaters, commercial shops, call centers etc.

The jurisdiction of the Act is the entire state of Maharashtra and the penalty for non-compliance ranges from Rs 50 to Rs. 1500.

  1. Application & obtaining of Shops & Establishment registration under the Act
  2. Renewal of Shops and Establishment license
  3. Providing consultancy and guidance regarding rules pertaining to Shop & Establishment Rules
  4. Assistance to establishments in complying various monthly compliance under the Act
  5. Arranging registration (with respect to new establishments / factories).
  6. To keep clients informed of changes introduced by the Government under the Act.
  7. Apprising the employer regarding maintenance of registers and records, as per the provisions of the Act