It was enacted with a view to providing social security and insurance to the workers employed in certain establishments of the unorganized sectors. The insurance benefit is provided against such contingencies as sickness, maternity obligations, work hazards or injury due to accidents at the work place. All the establishments, irrespective of their seasonal or regular nature are expected to provide their employees with insurance benefits under the purview of the Act.

  1. Registration of Establishment under the Act.
  2. Ensuring full compliance towards ESIC Department.
  3. Preparation and submission of Half Yearly and Yearly Returns
  4. Keeping clients informed of changes taking place in the ESIC Act.
  5. Arranging settlement of claims by following up matters with the Department.
  6. Attending ESIC Inspection and furnishing clarification / replies to the queries raised by the Department during inspection.
  7. Working out the monthly ESIC contributions from the Pay Roll and preparation of Challan for payment of ESIC dues within the due date.
  8. We also help and educate the covered employees with regard to the procedure involved in submitting the claims to the Department for getting the various benefits available under the scheme.