Contract Staffing Services All your temporary staffing needs taken care of with an experienced and proficient team.

Organizations need temporary staff to fill short-term needs. Filling gaps with capable, temporary workers keeps your productivity high while quickly minimizing disruptions to your business. As a result of the uncertain market conditions, organizations are looking for flexible workforce operations, more than ever.

Our contract staffing solutions are effectively customized to match all short-term requirements and non-core activities of our clients. We are committed to delivering the most comprehensive and most eligible candidates for required key performance area.
SAI KALP offers temporary staffing solutions across a range of skill sets for a variety of industry sectors across India. The entire process right from recruitment and selection is taken care of by our proficient team.

Reasons to hire our CONTRACT Services

  1. Reduces the effort in selection.
  2. Flexible workforce across variety of departments.
  3. Reduction in resource mobilization and demobilization timeframes.
  4. Ease you of the burdens of contract related procedures.

key Features of our CONTRACT Service

  1. Our team of efficient and experienced people are proficient in handling manpower outsourcing as per client needs.
  2. Experts offer ideal manpower solutions with the aim to benefit both client and candidate.
  3. SAI KALP Solutions offers a comprehensive solution that covers almost every aspect of HR right from recruitment to exit modalities.
  4. SAI KALP Contractual Staffing service is ideally suited for organizations that witness frequent fluctuation in HR requirements such as Small to Medium Businesses. We help replenish job roles at a rapid pace and provide Manpower solutions to our clients. As projects begin to ramp up, SAI KALP is there to supplement the necessary human resources to complete the job.