Advisory And Consulting Services Advising and consulting facilitates knowledge sharing to provide definitive

If you want to play the bigger game, and are serious about building your business, you need an advisory board.

From giving objective advice to scouting the marketplace, an advisory board can give your organization the edge it needs to compete at a higher level. This is particularly true if you have a business with over $1 million in revenue and either have a business partner or ambitions of passing the business to your children someday.

It’s always a good idea to provide some compensation for your advisory board members; at a minimum this means paying for their meals during meetings, though many business owners provide a financial stipend, as well. Typically, this small financial investments is well worth the benefits, the advisory board provides.

Reasons to hire our advisory and consulting services

1. The discipline of preparation – Prior to each board meeting, you’ll need to create an agenda with all the appropriate attachments such as financial statements, operations updates, marketing updates and current business issues. The process of preparing for each meeting in advance is incredibly valuable, as it allows for critical information about the organization to be evaluated on a regular basis.

2. Increased credibility – Although an advisory board is strictly there to help you, the business owner, its presence can go a long way towards giving your organization increased legitimacy in the marketplace. In the long term, this legitimacy can actually improve your business’s chance of survival.

3. Disaster planning/relief – If you’re suddenly unavailable to run your business, do you have someone who is knowledgeable enough to take over? An established advisory board understands your business and will be able to help keep the wheels moving in your absence. This can be a huge relief to your family members and employees if they’re forced to continue the operation without you.

4. A bigger network – Your network increases dramatically through your advisory board – after all, your board isn’t JUST the board, it’s everyone the board knows. This makes your board a valuable resource when you need a new employee, for example. Through their own professional networks, they may know of the perfect vendor or management professional to join your team.

5. A focus on the future – While you’re busy managing the day-to-day operations of your business, your advisory board can remain focused on the future. This allows you to rest more easily, knowing that you have a team of professionals out there who are looking out for your best interests while not in the day-to-day grind.

key Features of our Advisory And Consulting

  1. Technology adoption (mobile, cloud, etc.)
  2. SDLC framework and adoption (Agile, XP, etc.)
  3. Application architecture and roadmap
  4. RFP development and system selection
  5. Organizational development
  6. Workforce strategy and models
  7. Project ROI analysis
  8. Staff development and training
  9. “Quick Hit” training sessions on specific topics
  10. Hiring practices and onboarding